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Rousing from Slumber

We didn’t go away, no.
T’was but a brief nap as it were – With my Olympus out of action due to a broken sync cable connector on my beleaguered underwater housing, my recent trip to Perhentian was nothing more than an experience to enjoy, without the encumbrance of a camera. Nice.

Must say it was a good 2 days’ diving in wonderfully warm and clear waters. Schools upon schools. Very learned fish. Mostly of the common reef variety – but nice to see them in such prolific higher education. There was some nice underwater geography too. Camera definitely comes along on the next trip. Strange, did I say encumbrance?

Visited a nice sweet wreck – Sugar – it was called. Curiously, it was almost entirely encrusted with clams or some related bi-valve. Inside and out. It created a surreal landscape before our masked eyes as we sculled our zaggered way through the wreck’s overhangs and cargo bays. Rumor has it that in the nearby rubble resides an ocean stallion amongst the strewn wreckage, but alas we n’er did find it. Azman, proprietor of the dive centre, swears its there though – and has promised to take us to its hideaway the next time we come diving. Sweet.

Stung Any Money?
Just so this episode does not go by without a lick of visual candy, here’s a pic of my anemone sting in all its glory, or should I say, gory. Although technically, it should be described as an envenomation.

Due apologies for the horrendous photography – it was taken with a phone cam about 5 days after the stinging.
Anemone Stings

The stinging itself was barely perceptible, though the subsequent pain was akin to being burnt – spit roasted over slow fire – for a good hour or so.

The Stinging Truth
The story on the boat post dive of the stinging occurrence is good to tell. I’d worn only a rash-guard during the dive leaving my exposed thigh to be stung. Bad move. I announced as I climbed aboard that I’d been stung during the dive, activating the capable crew who jumped to action. They gave my flaming inner thigh a glancing inspection (yes, there’s not much to see there) and prescribed unanimously that I’d have to see the cook !! Yes, the ship’s cook, no less. At that point, I assumed she was also the ship’s doctor but all such illusions evaporated when she emerged from the steaming galley wielding a sizable cleaver. Needless to say, I cowered in fear screaming ‘DON’T AMPUTATE!’. It took 5 divers to hold me down. Thankfully she produced a bottle of common vinegar and sloshed the burning boils with generous volumes of the sour brew. It neutralised the venom and relief came slowly but surely. The entire episode ended nearly two weeks later, after the itching red blotches you see in the photo subsided.

What next?
We’re on for some more training in familiar waters over the next couple of months and will resume our explorations later in the year. Intended destinations are aplenty, but as they say so many places to go, so little time. Not to mention money no enough too in my case. Meantime, my fellow subaqua voyeurs, stay on the buddy line – we’ll be charging our tanks for more underwater adventures with tales to tell on these pages. Hopefully there’ll be pics galore to accompany them.

So keep bubbling till then, arrivederci!

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