Similans Rocks!

Here are the rocks
Donald Duck RocksDonald Duck Bay

Made it back
Well, it was a good three and a half days’ worth of diving, probing the depths of Similan’s fair isles. Fish soup is what comes to mind on every dive – schooling fish by the hundreds. At one rock, bait fish packed so tight they entirely obscured a crevice opening large enough for 2 divers to enter side-by-side.

No Wet Pics
Whilst memories of the excellent dives and excellent dive boat (& crew) now spring vividly in my mind, they may well soon fade without the refreshing aid of digital imagery. You see, the underwater housing for my trusty digicam had failed. Again. Completely, this time. The discovery of a broken bit of plastic belonging to the sync cord connector proved to scuttle all hope of bringing back fishy pics from this trip. Never-the-less, I will supply a few obligatory pictures of azure seas & lush islands, idyllic beaches & a quaint village we encountered on our trip.
Island #4 ReefIsland #4 Bay
Koh Bon SunsetKoh Tachai

Made it back too (2)
The Olympus C-5060WZ did. Its using up its store of lives, now on its second flood survival. It was also dropped at least twice on previous occasions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this camera on the basis of its ruggedness. However, yet again I’m denied the opportunity of buying a new camera. Sigh.

But it may be a good thing though. Save up the dollars for later and newer technology at a future date. That’s a thought.

Now where’s that camera housing – gotta get it fixed before the next trip!

Thai Fishing BoatMoken Village KidsMy BranchThe Real ThingVillage TV

That’s all the pics for you in this installment – In the meantime live well, dive safe y’all!

Till our next adventure,

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