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Finally another post!

At Long Last
Here’s a Clown and Blur Sotong for you folks!
Quit Clowning!Cuttlefish
Its been a while since I’ve let out a squeak on these pages. No, Dive Bubbleheads haven’t been idle – we’ve been to Dayang (training), took a group to Manado, and explored Similans on a nice live-a-board. All of that in 2007. Here are some pics from those trips.

From Dayang:
Mornin’ MorayKuning Ball
Mornin’ Moray was yawning away while peeking thru the rubble under the jetty, while the nearby school of Kuning were having a ball of a time.

From Manado and Similans:
Pygmy SeahorseSolo Barracuda
Rare find of Pygmy Seahorse (no, that’s my index finger!) in Lembeh Straits, Bitung (Manado) and a wary-looking Solo Barracuda atop the reef in the Similan Islands. We all managed to get away without being snapped at. Phew!

A Little Revelation
For me, I have decided to slightly shift my focus from teaching in 2008 and probably thru the next few years as well. I’ve decided that I will explore the dive sites in the South East Asian region with greater intensity, and will attempt to visit such diverse places as Burma Banks (Myanmar), Layang-Layang (Sabah), Raja Ampat (Irian Jaya), Komodo (Sunda Islands) & even Cebu (Philipines). All this in addition to revisiting destinations of 2007, namely Manado, Sipadan and Phuket/Similans.

I do not yet know when and in what order I will do these trips, but hopefully I will be able to announce them before-hand on these pages and you, my dear readers, are welcome to throw in your diving lot with me (presumably you’ll be a diver) as I go exploring these diving destinations. As it stands, I will be diving Similans 1st to 5th April 2008, likely do Manado in end-June, possibly Manado live-a-board or Sipadan between August to September this year. Just drop me a comment, email or try to catch me on Skype if you fancy some adventure!

Leaked Case Dismissed
On a more mundane (or is this exciting?!) note, I found my camera case had sprung a leak on our most recent trip to Dayang this year. Fortunately the camera did not suffer damage, as the leak was such that water drops seeped in only at depths greater than 13m; so I was able to prevent total flooding by staying above that suicidal depth for the remainder of the dive with the camera. Here’s one of the pics I took on the dawn dive that day before the leak was discovered.
Kissing Scorpionfish
Fancy that, a couple of snoggin’ Scorpionfish! And at dawn too. hmmm.

Right! I do hope there is enough time to get the casing fixed/serviced/tested before my up-coming Similans trip, else I’ll have to pop for a new casing… Hey! Is this the excuse I’ve been waiting for to buy a new camera? :o)

So till then, safe & happy diving to all of you!

Best regards…


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