Let’s Go Diving!


Hello Divers!
We’re all set to start filling up our diving calendar and will be putting up some tentative schedules soon. The standard training trips to Dayang and Tioman will likely begin last week-end of March (31, to April 1). If you are interested to take up diving as a recreational sport, or to pursue your continuing education in diving, please do contact us.

The Fella In The Picture
The little fella you see in the picture above is only slightly larger than the average human thumbnail. But that didn’t stop him from facing up to a diver several thousand times his size who dared to wander into his domain. Puts a twist to the phrase “Welcome with open arms”!

Where We Might Be Going This Year
Much of it is still in discussion – and we are also open to suggestions, especially if you already have an eager group to go. Very likely we will attempt a trip out to Manado (yes, again!) and one other to another nearby destination. Should you fancy joining us on our trips, we’ll be happy keep you posted through these pages and on our mailing list (just drop me an email to request) should you so desire. Alternatively you may choose to give us a shout on our phone lines. 🙂

Any Comments
Finally, please do leave us any comments, queries, money, whatever on The Narked News and what you’d like for us to consider in terms of website content and/or diving locations. We do hope to hear from you soon.

Till next time,


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